Who Is the Girl in Billy Currington's Video, "Must Be Doin Something Right" ?

Blanca Soto (born Blanca Delfina Soto Benavides, January 5, 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) is a Mexican model and former beauty queen. She competed in the national beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Mexico in 1997 and became Miss Mexico World. She represented her country in the Miss World pageant the same year. [edit] Personal Information * Measurements: 35-25-36 (US); 91-63-92 (EU) * Dress Size: 4 (US); 36 (EU) * Shoe Size: 9 (US); 41 (EU) [edit] Other information Music Videos: * Shalim - "Nadie Como Tu" * Billy Currington - "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" (winner of sexiest video of the year, CMA) * TAMPA JAI-ALAI - actress * La Vida Blanca - actress and producer (winner, best actress in short film at the NYIIFVF 2007 in Los Angeles)

1. Who else thinks that Drake's Video has nothing to do with the song?

i think of it grew to become right into a mistake for drake to get on money content smart as he has been spitting besides as he usually does (possibly this is via fact all i hear him on now could be spitting speedy sixteen's on songs or doing choruses). I additionally understand that toddler has had a historic previous of no longer paying his artists suitable (juvenile, b.g., turk something of the outdated money money). yet ym isnt that undesirable, nicki minaj even even with the undeniable fact that annoying now and back actual says some loopy stuff. mack maine and jae millz arent undesirable and that i listened to guddaville from gudda gudda and it grew to become into actual listenable. i think of the potential of youthful money is the team, i cant hear to an entire song of nicki or mack or jae, yet positioned all of them on a song with a good beat and a hook (bedrock/each woman) and its cool. ym aint that undesirable yet yea i merely hear to drake and wayne generally

2. anyone that's video games fans answer this?

Americas Army. its a sick *** realistic free game. Also Red orchestra Operation 7.

3. Who is the girl at 1:23-1:24 and 2:22-2:24 of Nickelback's video "Rockstar"?

i looked but i dont think she's a celeb, so dont know

4. Can a "S-Video" Cable Work?

A useless monitor, sure. It will be good as a second monitor for playing low-resolution videos but will be useless for much more than that

5. Upgrading my laptop's video card?

It is not possible to upgrade video in a laptop. Upgrade consists of selling yours and buying one with better video. You can sometimes add more RAM to improve video performance.

6. Help me please - with s-video cable and laptop !?

switch the function I believe its FN (function) F5/or F8 on the keyboard it should say CRT/LCD on the F5 or F8 keys the FN keys are usually located by the CRTL key

7. I want to connect my laptop to my tv it has a s-video out but i cant find a 7 pin s-video cable.?

Try Radio Shack or search online

8. Is there a cable that can go from S video to Firewire?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Is there a cable that can go from S video to Firewire? I want to use a JVC digital camcorder "digital cybercam' to upload from footage from mini dv tapes into my computer but the videocamera only has S video going out - can i buy a cable to convert the S video to firewire so i can upload the footage into my Macbook Pro?

9. My wife showed our small kids (7 & 4 y.o's) this video today... and I flipped out at her?

OMG... Well, if your four year old is anything like mine (he actually walked into a moving car and runs into the road without hesitation) I can understand her reasoning. Its desperation to make him understand that its DANGEROUS!!! ON the other hand the video is very harsh for a small boy. I do not know what to say. I still can not get my son to grasp the dangers, I just yell a lot in parking lots and look like a crazy woman. I would not say she did a wrong thing, maybe an age inappropriate thing. Perhaps if you both had sat down and worked out a strategy to teach your son road respect. I would not beat her up too much but I would stress that in instances like those, she needs to discuss her proposed methods with you first and you both have to agree.

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