Why Doesn't More Horse Power Mean Higher Top Speed?

why doesn't more horse power mean higher top speed?

Why Doesn't More Horse Power Mean Higher Top Speed? 1

Horse Power has to do with the ability to move weight, not speed. Torque is what is used for speed measurement

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What is the top speed of a 80s caprice and a 80 monte carlo?

Whatever the speed limit is. Unless you are on track...but you would need a mile or so to go, to find out top speed. Supposing the driver is good enough to handle it at that speed, anyway, and considering they are old cars.....supposing the cars themselves can handle it.

Why Doesn't More Horse Power Mean Higher Top Speed? 2

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What can i put in my car to up the acceleration and top speed, while keeping high MPG?

i have a K&N in a car. i got 2 mpg out of it and around 5 hp. did it pay for itself? well you figure that every 200 miles i drive save 1 gallon of gas. at 3.50 a gallon that's 3.50 per 200 miles. so suppose i drive 1000 miles a month. every month that means i save 5 gallons. at that rate it takes 3 whole months to save the money that it cost me to buy the filter. after that, the filter, which never has to be cahnged, is just saving me money. synthetics. got me 4 mpg. a gallon per 100 miles. or 35 dollars a month. over the course of a 3000 mile oil change i saved 105 dollars. for an oil change that cost me 10 more than a conventional one. pays for itself pretty quick. plus, i can double my oil cahnge interval safely. tests have shown that a good synthetic will have aobut the same lubricating value at 6000 miles as most conventional oil has when it's still in the bottle. so i save another 15 dollars in the middle. not bad. BTW, not all synthetics are created equal. i have had by far the best success in every car i've tested with Castrol Syntec. amsoil, royal purple, mobile 1, pennsoil synthetic, quakerstate synthetic, valvoline synthetic. nothing comes close. a cat back system will also improve your hp and acceleration while not affecting your gas mielage. so will lowering your car. well, not your hp, but it will help your accelteration and usually improves gas mileage too. (air resistance) BUT. and this is important. if you do all these mods and then use them to drive faster you will not see any help with your fuel economy and perhaps lose some. these mods will improve your fuel economy only if your driving behaviour remains unchanged or improves.

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Top speed of a '78 El Camino with a stock 350 and highway gears?

I would never drive a El Camino a 150 they were never made to go that fast. If you want mileage go the a new motor that is fuel injected with a computer . By a whole wrecked car or older Chevy half ton pickup with a 350 pull the motor, tranny & computer. You will not have 375 horse but you will have mileage & dependable

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I tested the top speed of my Kawasaki KLX250 supermoto. The top speed was 140km/h. What can I do to get more top speed? Thank you a lot in advance.

Is that your KLX250 is in stock condition and you want more power from it?Perhaps you might want to use racing muffler open filter such as K&N or another brand.If its doesnt satisfy you perhaps you want to try these, But remember! If your bike still under warranty it will void your warranty.Have a professional engine tuner ported your engine head. Installing a race spec camshaft harder valve spring(s) wont hurt either!Raise your compression ratio by using dome piston or another way your tuner suggest you.And retune your carburetor (if it's carbureted) and change your CDI unit to aftermarket units without rev limiters.If it's fuel injected maybe you want to invest on programmable ECU so your fuel/ignition mapping can be adjusted.

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You're screamin down the road at top speed, crest a hill, and see a trooper sitting with his radar gun pointed

It happens to me often.....but I just pay the bribe and move on

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If we increases the wheelbase of motorcycle can we gain top speed?& what happens if we decrease the wheelbase?

changing the wheelbase is not going to increase the top speed or quickness of your bike. a longer rear swingarm can help reduce wheelies on some bikes, so in a way, that could increase the quickness of the bike by reducing wheelspin and danger of wheelies. Increasing or decreasing the wheelbase slows or quickens the steering response the bike makes.

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